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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 19, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this has been a ridiculous two years for this country and this president has still gotten so much accomplished, imagine what he could have gotten accomplished if this hadn't been an albatross around his neck. my podcast dissected this report, go to buy just and listen, you will love it. shannon bream, have unbelievable analysis next. >> do you speak latin? i wouldn't be surprised if you do. otherwise don't try to fool us, we know. thank you. hello, welcome to fox news at night. we start with a fox news alert, we are separating fact from fiction on the long-awaited will report into russian interference, the president says no collusion, no instruction, democrats say it is not game over yet. the president's lawyer is here. expert legal and political analysis you will not find anywhere else.
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pam bondi and more, team coverage, trace gallagher with how mueller's report feeds into the 2020 campaign trail, kristin fisher with latebreaking reaction and katherine herridge with what is in the report and what is not. let's start with big headlines of the day, he said this is the end of my presidency. what was that about? >> that was in may 2017 and robert mueller had just been appointed and jeff sessions was delivering the news. that was the response from the president, this is the end of my presidency, anyone who has an independent counsel it ruins their term and this is one of the episodes, a roadmap for obstruction if congress wants to pick it up. this was written in a way they understood they could not meet the legal standard so they were tossing the ball to congress if they were to choose to pick it up. don mcgann, the former white
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house counsel, it was one month after the special counsel was appointed that he was asked by the president to fire mueller and that was in order he refused. he felt he did so, it would be like a saturday night massacre. that is another episode in the report and finally, white house communications director at fox news to be absolutely transparent, describe to the special counsel how the anti-trump dossier and an achilles' heel for the president because he felt it undermined the legitimacy of his victory. shannon: much focus was on collusion and obstruction but there was more we learned about the russian efforts to mix it up. >> it's not a coincidence that so much of the collusion part was rejected because there are a lot of intelligence sources and methods. we learn three things the
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russian operation, not just social media, designed to sway american public opinion but also information which was designed to inflame division. the most interesting thing was a very aggressive personal outreach by the ambassador ki y kisly kislyak, one of the most commonly referenced persons in the report. almost everyone on the trump campaign, they understood that even the visual of contacts could dirty them up which is what we saw with michael flynn and others. shannon: you were in the room, a question for attorney general william barr. >> anything you can share about your review of the genesis of the russia investigation? >> today i am focused on the process of releasing this report.
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>> the whole idea of investigating the investigators. >> what i'm trying to get to with the attorney general is what is shaping up to be a very serious investigation of these matters and the genesis of the counterintelligence investigation and if you remember from your reporting they use the trump dossier to secure a surveillance warned. there is not a single chapter called the dossier. the dossier is very much a peripheral element to this investigation yet it was one of the predicates to getting the surveillance warned. it seems clear to me the attorney general is trying to understand whether the boxes were checked or coloring outside the lines in 2016 and that was driven by political bias. shannon: we learned about criminal referrals to the ranking republican devon nunez so we know there are a lot of threats. a long day for you.
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a little light reading for us tonight. donald trump says it is game over, democrats say the president better buckle up. kristin fisher is following latebreaking news. >> reporter: for the first time in two years donald trump can go to sleep knowing the american public now knows he was telling the truth when he said no collusion. no obstruction claim is quite murky but the white house believes today was a good day for donald trump. when donald trump landed tonight in west palm beach for a weekend at mara lago he told supporters on the tarmac the same thing he tweeted earlier in the day, game over. before landing the president
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pushed back on lingering questions, special counsel did not answer in his report. the president says he did not obstruct justice because i had the right to end the whole witchhunt if i wanted. i could have fired everyone including mueller if i wanted. i chose not to. i have the right to use executive privilege, i didn't even though the mueller report says donald trump did ask don mcgann to fire mueller but mcgann refused. that is just one of the areas of possible obstruction. and democrats say they determined whether or not to move forward with impeachment. >> too early to talk about that. you will have to follow the evidence where it leads. it was probably written to provide congress a roadmap. >> the number 2 democrat in the house is urging his party to pass impeachment. the majority leader told cnn's deanna bash, what we have seen today, moving forward on
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impeachment is not worthwhile at this point. there is an election in 18 months and the american people will make a judgment. for the white house they say the judgment is clear. >> no collusion, no obstruction. >> complete exoneration the president says. this has been a political proctology exam and he has a clean bill of health. but that exam not over yet. chairman nadler requesting the special counsel robert mueller himself testify before his committee as we know attorney general william barr will testify at the beginning of next month. shannon: thank you. the trump campaign issuing a post mueller warning to obama era doj and fbi officials as 2020 democrats a their calls for mueller to testify and other things as well. we look at how this for years in.
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>> reporter: no sooner had the mueller a port appeared than the trump campaign rolled out the theme of turning the tables on the democrats including a video reminder of what prominent democrats had been insisting for two years. watch. >> evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> cold, hard evidence, plenty of evidence of collusion and conspiracy in plane site. >> now the trump campaign wants to investigate the liars meaning obama era doj and fbi or as donald trump tweeted today the greatest political hoax of all time. crimes were committed by quick and dirty cops and the dnc, the democrats. attorney general william barr has said publicly he believes the trump campaign was spied on. he doesn't know if it was legal or illegal but wants to find out.
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same goes for the chair of the senate judiciary committee lindsey graham and the doj inspector general michael horowitz looking into the genesis of the trump campaign being investigated including to what extent the fbi used the unverified steel dossier to surveillance of the trump campaign but we should note christopher steele is declining to meet with the inspector general saying it would be improper for former british intelligent for the doj investigation. this is the same british spy who admitted the dossier was unverified but provided to the fbi. on the 2020 democratic presidential trail collusion appears to be getting the heat but obstruction front and center. >> on the issue of obstruction of justice, from what i have read so far it seems very clear that that was the president's attempt.
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>> president on many occasions attempted to obstruct justice. >> carson and presidential candidate eric swalwell said this was collusion and obstruction and william barr should step down. >> thank you very much. mueller's report revealing a list of ten controversial actions by donald trump as part of the investigation's obstruction of justice inquiry so let's talk to one of the president's lawyers about that. good to have you with us tonight. they outlined a number of things involving michael flynn and others and say all of this lays
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out a potential roadmap for obstruction but the special counsel said i'm not going to decide it but there's plenty of evidence he laid out in not making or making a case? >> not making making a case because if they had an obstruction case to make they would have made it. they did not so they set forward facts. remember in the initial letter the attorney general set out when they said difficult questions of law? that was directly out of the mueller report. different questions of law, as a government lawyer myself, you have a difficult question, bring the case. that is what happened here. when they say did this they also say he also did this i could have been that so that tells you very clearly there was no obstruction case to be made so when people said they did not decide the instruction case, sure they did. you either decline or you recommend and they declined. >> they didn't make it -- >> he said there was no finding of a violation of law. >> also said he wouldn't exonerate him. >> prosecutors don't exonerate. >> he said he wasn't going to. >> a jerry doesn't exonerate. on the jury says is not guilty.
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the whole idea of exonerating, never understood that, been practicing law. >> why did he use that language than. so many democrats claim this is his signal, these are breadcrumbs that he wents to pick it up from your. >> that's not his job. his job was to produce a confidential report to the attorney general under the regulations. the attorney general authorized a release of a pretty much as everybody is now seen report that is really not rejected except very limited material so when you look at the obstruction, volume 2 as i call it, of the report there are two or three pages, very little redacted. so he made a recommendation, the attorney general decided to release a the president decided not to claim executive privilege, that is why we let these documents go in the first place and the end result was now you have steny hoyer, adam schiff saying ideas of talking about impeachment fruitless, no bipartisan consensus. >> that the country is what they said.
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>> and there is not. whatever robert mueller says in here is interesting but almost irrelevant. shannon: we have all had a chance to look at it. people all over the spectrum are interpreting this, reading the same words but democrats are saying the presentation bar made in his letter don't match up with the words. i want to read from nancy pelosi. she said the special counsel's own words directly and dramatically undercut attorney general bar's claim the president fully cooperated with the special counsel's investigation. the report shows the president did the opposite, talked about him firing comey, pressuring senior officials to live. >> a couple things bob mueller said, the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign coordinated interference activities which is the basis on which the started and then he said the investigation did not establish the context. in volume 1, did not amount to an agreement to commit a
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violation of any federal law. we talked about james comey, the president have a constitutional right to fire jane's comey. in the report that robert mueller issued and this is where people are not going to this. what he said about james comey, we are not saying he fire james comey because of interference with the investigation. is what we know. the investigation continued, ron rosenstein was not fired and the report has been issued. shannon: i want to ask you, with respect to michael cohen, michael flynn and paul manafort when you look through the report all of them have some variation of saying i have been assured by they see a personal attorney, the president, one of his personal attorneys that will be, quote, taken care of. if you to cooperate with prosecutors maybe that will be lost. they didn't use the word pardon
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but they hinted heavily that the -- one on the scene told them they would be okay. >> from the outset of this when the initial allegations were made about this, no one on our team authorized, discussed the pardon of an individual or a for a pardon. >> but still communicated we are going to take care of you, those are the words. >> based on what other people told from, one of those who told him that is going to jail for committing perjury. >> i can't wait to talk to the american people and tell you everything. >> because at 42 in the morning because i will tell you what is rejected except what was rejected, basically nothing. >> too much to him. >> nothing on that stuff. >> they can't -- it is an ongoing investigation. >> it has been a long day and we are still reading the report. did the mueller report provide no evidence for the
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investigation into the investigators. our legal panel next. [knocking] ♪ ♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering.
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>> i think it validates the decisions that we made >> it validates the decision in july 2016 to start the russian focused investigation and the decisions we made in may 2017 to include the president in that investigation. shannon: that is andrew mccabe defending the start of the russia probe and republicans out to focus on the investigation into the investigators and democrats continue to probe the president. us attorney at the southern district of new york, cunningham, former florida attorney general pam bondi and deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree.
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welcome to you all. i trust you read every word of every page of the giant report. i want to start with you. senator hirono says the special counsel report lays out in meticulous detail evidence that donald trump obstructed justice. if not for existing department of justice policy with special counsel had ample evidence to indict donald trump for obstruction. she's not ready to let that part of this equation live. >> he is not. what she's focusing on and a lot of the president's opponents are focusing on is in volume 2 of the report it is a classic example of a prosecutor putting a lot of facts which are not flattering to donald trump, but bob mueller acknowledged this is a very difficult call because of the legal complexities, constitutional complexities and mixed record so when you read part 2 what you see is a lot of on the one hand on the other hand and when you try to
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evaluate what patterns across the line in, will conduct you have to keep in mind a specific intent crime would have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, highest standard known to our law. >> one of your friends, former colleague who worked in the southern district, a former federal prosecutor says there's plenty of evidence against the idea of obstruction, the president could have shut down the investigation at anytime and didn't, could have exerted executive privilege to deny access to the white house witnesses. to the contrary numerous witnesses were made available voluntarily and over 1 million documents were disclosed. they didn't make the decision but laid out plenty of evidence in both directions. >> and he and i serve together in new york and he's a person of strong views. on this matter i disagree with him substantially. mueller laid out 11 separate instances where donald trump
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took steps to try to change the course of this investigation. the request to lay off of michael flynn, the pressure on comey, firing comey, pressuring his white house counsel to fire mueller, repeatedly writing inaccurate press release the day after the trump tower meeting was disclosed, any number of acts that could constitute obstruction of justice. the question is not the legal one. there are high standards for obstruction of justice. it is a political question and this is where the congress comes in, 20 years ago a republican congress determined one instance of lying about a sexual instruction merited impeachment of a sitting president and if
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that is the modern test, what mueller lays out in volume 2 of his report goes way beyond that. shannon: top democratic leadership is pushing back on the idea that they would move forward with impeachment but some are saying i want to see the rest of the unredacted stuff. here is what adam schiff says about this tonight. >> of the special counsel as he made clear had found evidence exonerating the president he would have said so. he did not. he let the issue to the congress of the united states and we will need to consider it. >> the attorney general made a determination but a number of democrats to get tonight saying he told us in his own way in these reports that it is up to us, he wants congress to finish the job. >> i missed that somewhere in the report, this is not political, this is legal and don't forget who was standing over bill barrette left shoulder, ron rosenstein, rod was working with mueller on this report.
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rod rosenstein read it along with william barr, concluded there was no coercion, none whatsoever. the president had to there for 2 years and watch continuous abuses of authority in the ranks of the doj. he could have fired comey any minute he wanted to and he should have frankly was when he became president he didn't lose his first amendment rights. people criticize bill barr for saying he talks about the president being frustrated of the president's feelings, just like your other guest said, for coercion you have to have intend and the president knew he did nothing wrong. for 2 years he is known that. he had to live with that. he was frustrated. he was emotional. he spoke a lot and he should have because he knew he did nothing wrong and now he has been cleared. there was no collusion and according to william barr and rod rosenstein it was working with mueller there was no coercion.
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shannon: down the line, do you think mueller should testify and do you think he will? >> i have no problem if he testifies. he doesn't have to but bill barr said he won't keep him from testifying if he wants 2 but the report is the report. it is unredacted basically. >> absolutely he should testify. we need to understand the prosecutorial judgment he made with regard to volume 2. >> you think he will? >> i do. >> i think he should testify he will testify and something i would like to know the answer to is why he made the judgment that he did. to me that was one of the most surprising aspects of the whole process. i figured the sitdown interview with trump, mueller went away at the end. >> may have been the nasty legal fight that would have taken us
12:27 am
to scotus but you agree on the mueller idea so we will see, thank you, great to have you guys. more exclusive reporting straight from capitol hill where some democrats argue the special counsel did leave congress a trail of breadcrumbs. will they lead to impeachment proceedings? that is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's bigger, bolder grill combos. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood.
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? >> i am confident our democratic leaders, relevant committees will continue to conduct oversight in an appropriate manner. we don't know whether obstruction occurred. there were 954 rejections. shannon: a whole host of different responses, we saw new subpoena threats, resignation calls, calls for impeachment proceedings to kick off. chad program is here to break down what is next. a lot of democrats don't like william barr's interpretation of the mueller report. >> this is where jerry nadler, the chair of the judiciary committee, use the word bread comes.
12:32 am
jerry nadler did not rule out impeachment. nancy pelosi has said that is off the table. i checked in with the key staff are with nancy pelosi earlier tonight and that is not the position. nancy pelosi will be speaking in belfast, northern ireland, first time we might hear from her. she might say something about this but this is a problem for moderate democrats who won battleground district, impeachment is not popular for them. that the betty should. they need to refocus to talk about the economy, talk about jobs, healthcare, opioids but at the same time democrats, the liberal wing needs talk about impeachment so they need to drive this don't both sides of the script. that is the balance. >> is there any upside to those
12:33 am
swing district democrats with this impeachment discussion going on. how does it work for them? >> they can turn this around and contrast this, not with republicans but their fellow democrats is sam trying to solve the country's problems, trying to address opioids and healthcare and infrastructure, i'm not one of them so they can use the democrats as a foil. shannon: congresses and, does that complicated the process. there is an talk about different versions, some less redacted than others. >> going for the holiday weekend, rising like a phoenix and going down again because congress is out of session next weekend coming back when congress comes back at the end of the month. you have barr appear for two hearings on the outside of the senate side, then going away, spinal tap used to have the answer of 11, if mueller comes up later in the month it will go to 14. this is a problem for democrats, they want to talk about these other issues but they can't refocus the talking point because they are always talking about mueller. keep in mind what they have to do later this year. the big fights will be over the debt ceiling, keeping government open and the fight over the border wall. they can't get off of that
12:34 am
subject from dealing with the mueller report, they can't get to those bread-and-butter issues and that's a problem for democrats because they cannot demand the narrative. shannon: thank you but you scare me when you start talking about government shutdowns again but extra points for working on spinal tap. no americans colluded with russians, that is what the mueller report said but it also outlines sustained aggressive efforts by the russians to sell misinformation and divide us as americans. jillian turner has that side of the report. >> the special counsel's report found the russian government interfered in the us presidential election and russian officials thought to do so primarily through social media. according to the report evidence showed throughout 2016 russian backed social media on facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and tumbler posted materials supporting the trump campaign and opposing the clinton campaign.
12:35 am
>> the report details efforts by the internet research agency, a russian company with close ties the russian government to so social discord among american voters through disinformation and social media operations. >> mueller left no room for interpretation when it came to various motives, ira employees acknowledged their work focused on influencing the us presidential election. those employees began conducting intel gathering to the us as far back as 2014 when they began digging up dirt on democratic candidates. the attorney general named and shamed russia's military in particular. >> the report details efforts by the russian military officials associated with the gra, the russian military intelligence organization to hack into computers and steel documents and emails from individuals associated with the democrat party and hillary clinton's campaign.
12:36 am
>> many of the facebook groups active during the 2016 election cycle purported to be conservative grassroots groups with names like being patriotic, stop out immigrants, secure borders and tea party news but there were also social justice groups like black matters, and don't shoot us as well as lgbt q groups and religious groups like united muslims of america. donald trump weighed in deflecting blame and denying russia did any of this on his watch. anything the russians did concerning the 2016 election done while obama was president. he was done in -- told about it and the vote was not affected. mueller as report, 126 million people were exposed to content from those big russian accounts be 2214-2016. cyber expert say there's a lot of hope that those 126 million people weren't influenced by the content they saw but there's not much chance.
12:37 am
shannon: an important angle, thank you very much. the headlines you may have missed, police in paris say the most likely cause of the massive notre dame cathedral fire was an electrical short circuit. investigators believe the fire was accidental. 40 people have been questioned about the blaze. freshman lawmaker rashida tlaib making a plea to shutdown ice saying some critics of the agency are going to make this personal. >> we need to shut them down. don't wait for this congress to act, shut them down. i know what they will say. i will tell you there are some people. >> she's an outspoken critic of the agency. and update in relation to the
12:38 am
jussie smollett case, two attorney for kim fox resigning, chief ethics officer april perry reportedly the person who advised fox to recuse herself, she's leaving as well as the director of the conviction into the unit. many in the media accusing the attorney general of mob like tactics, aiding in a presidential cover-up. >> the country's attorney general walked in and backed up the guy doing the kicking. >> our panel is here to weigh in next. you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie? yeah, i thought doing some hibachi grilling would help take my mind off it all.
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>> it has been mentioned around here though it would hearken back to a comfort decades ago. we would not be surprised if some headline writer summer came up with a baghdad bill bar for what we saw today. >> there is significant material in here that we did not know on
12:43 am
the question of collusion. >> what the country's attorney general did was walk in and backup the guy doing the kicking. the question turns to why. why? >> there is a sentence here that is all but an explicit invitation to congress to impeach the president. the idea that this is some sort of exoneration seems very highly contradictory. >> the media responding to the attorney general, some suggesting he's taking part in a cover up to help the president. let's bring in the power panel to talk about that, former aide to chuck schumer chris hans and guy benson. welcome to all of you. washington post reporter columnist philip bump, this is his tweet today, so this report makes clear that the vast amount of reporting by mainstream outlets about trump and russia was -- >> except the stories they got wrong, a lot of it was correct. i'm just still trying to get over brian williams going the baghdad bill bar route, given why he's no longer hosting nbc nightly news.
12:44 am
the pile on the we saw against the attorney general was strange to me. bar put out a memo about three weeks ago that said what? the bottom line the we are going to find out when this report came out, that there is no coordination or conspiracy between trump's campaign and the russians and mother was going to punt on the question of obstruction, layout both sides and say was not exoneration and that is exactly what the mueller report shows so bar was accurate and some of this fuming at him is bizarre. >> bradley, you know by statute, the regulation the attorney general didn't have to do any of this. he is obligated to take what he gets from the special counsel and communicate it to congress but for him to make the entire report with rejections, to put out there not only for congress but the public, he's not required to do this. he said he's trying to be
12:45 am
transparent. will he get any credit? >> a little bit. he was not required to do so but the regulations were specifically crafted to allow for this type of release, considering and contemplate the possibility of a release of the underlying report which was why bill bar was asked about that during his confirmation hearing and why he was pressed to make the report public and i am glad with respect to executive privilege that was never invoked, we got transparency to a lot of the report but to respond, the reason some of us were upset with how bill bar did this, he will see at what point, we had his four page letter, haven't seen the report yet, we had the press conference tomorrow it would have made more sense. >> it was the reverse comey. he went out to check out the president didn't do things he said he did do. there was no exoneration when it comes to obstruction of justice. the report pretty much makes it
12:46 am
clear to me and many who read that part of the report the president was actively engaging in obstruction and has the mindset to do so based on his initial reaction when jeff sessions said the special counsel had been appointed. it is very clear that that was on the president's mind as he was attempting to fire the special counsel but for people in his administration saying no to him or ignoring him. shannon: that brings up an interesting point. clearly people have said a number of people, kept him from crossing the line according to the mueller report, they were able to go there on obstruction because they were good people around him who got kept a lot of trouble. eric erickson rights to that point for two years individuals on the left and in the media routinely engaged in harassment of any competent individual who might want to work for the president.
12:47 am
we should be glad this effort at harassment and intimidation was unsuccessful. he says that. >> the president should be grateful to those people around him who saved him from his worst impulses and so should we, regardless of whether you support the president or not he had a few moments became close to crisis and he was backed off. by his team and he is probably pretty glad tonight that he didn't take the plunge. >> stick around. >> it would scare us all that a lot of those people are gone now and i wonder at the people that are left would stand up the way they did. >> the issue of being intimidated and told the lives of the ruined if they work in this administration, that's part of the calculation but don't go anywhere because you have a lot more to say. we want to talk about the topic aways from the mueller report. our panel has chosen the highlights up next. one part steak. one part ribs. two parts incredible.
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shannon: the top take aways from robert mueller's report, let's bring in tonight's parent, brad, chris and guy. essentially the section talks about the fact that they said we cannot come to the conclusion the president did not obstruct justice. >> bottom line is if you juxtapose that against the collusion section where he did exonerate him, special counsel
12:52 am
would've exonerated him if he was able to. that says there probably was obstruction and also refutes everything attorney general william barr said this morning about obstruction and what he said 3 weeks ago when he wrote that 4-page letter to congress, william barr can't be trusted with issues like this and i think the american people know that. >> some might disagree with you but that is what this panel discussion is about. you talk about the fact the president made public overtures to people he thought could cause him trouble but privately he was trying to control the investigation. that is included in the report as well. >> the president brought us to the brink of constitutional crisis over and over because he can't stand scrutiny. he kept trying to rein in the investigation or stop it. this is a concern going forward when we decide to reelect this man, whether we want to normalize this behavior. shannon: you pointed out when you talk about coordination and
12:53 am
what it really means, between russian contact and us contact. >> basically coordination is a synonym for collusion. when we say no collusion that is what mueller found. the reason i want to highlight that is it seems so many in the present on the democratic side have templated over the instruction piece of this when the whole origin of this enterprise from the get-go was what did the russians do. we had that explicit answer and was the trump campaign coordinating with them? the answer is no and that is a really big deal. >> we talked earlier about a split between democrats, the leadership and others who do or do not want to pursue impeachment. it would come from the house judiciary committee headed by chairman jerry nadler. do you think they will pursue that? >> i don't think impeachment is going to be pursued immediately but there needs to be some investigation of what is in this
12:54 am
report and to hear from the people who testified in this report to find out what went on. the president seems like captain chaos and we need to understand who is in charge in this country and what they are doing behind closed doors and these people have a lot of answers to that. >> i think he would think he's in charge. >> i agree with chris. there should be some investigation of how this was justified how the campaign kept trying to collude but was too ham-handed to do it right. i don't think impeachment will be on the table. >> we have almost all our answers from two years of robert mueller who is held as a gold standard of investigation, we have those answers at if democrats want to investigate more, go for it. if they want to impeach i urge them to try. shannon: thank you, great to have you. our midnight hero is next and i
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>> a special midnight hero tonight, one lovely young bride to be discovered the heartbreaking news that her veteran father battling cancer will be moving to hospice care she called out her engagement. this is what she did. she took pictures of her childhood home with her father, you are looking at them, they are beautiful. this is her father tim. becky carrie, looking stunning alongside her handsome father in these pictures that have gone viral and these images later proved to be all the more powerful because the father of the bride did not live to see his daughter's wedding day. for your service as a veteran and being a great dad, you reaching out and realizing this is an important moment to honor him and spend this time together
1:00 am
before your wedding, you are midnight heroes, a beautiful picture. a busy newsy day. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent your evening with us, good night from washington, see you tomorrow for friday night. i am shannon bream. >> the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere in the 2016 presidential election but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts. >> words and actions just he has been disingenuous and misleading in saying the president is clear of wrongdoing. >> multiple times they dangle before been fruit in front of people associated with the trump campaign and they didn't bite. >> no collusion, no obstruction. shannon: friday, april 19th.


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